Welcome To Our BOARD CRAZY Design Studio

We here at Brush & Blush love to paint.....on just about everything!  So we are going
Board Crazy and adding wood to our Gallery! 
It's the same fun and creative experience as our Easel Events, except now you're working with wood to design your own sign from scratch.


YOU design it all!  Once you choose your sign, YOU will choose your background color and your paint colors, as well!  And the best part???  We are using STENCILS!  And no, you are not freehanding anything.  Our stencils are adhesive, so there is no tracing and no freehand painting.  Trust us, you cannot mess this up!  And we have 69 colors of high-quality paints to choose from to complete your inspired design!  This is guaranteed wall-worthy and makes the perfect gift for friends and family!

As with all of our events, we will walk you step by step through this creative process.  All supplies are provided.  Again, you just bring your enthusiasm and creativity.  This is great fun and there are so many ways to personalize every board or block.


How It Works

Step 1:  Go to our Board Crazy Gallery and choose your Design. 
View boards by size or by category.  Make a note of your sign choice and board size. 

Step 2: Click on the Calendar tab and select the Board Crazy event date you'd like to attend.

Step 3:  Choose your board from the drop-down menu.
This is where you will also enter your personalization in the Custom box and don't forget to choose a background/board color, as well. 
*Lettering/font colors are chosen at the event, so no need to decide that now.


Step 4: Proceed to Checkout!

You're ready to DIY with us in a CRAZY way!

Any add-ons or changes to stencil will incur an additional $5 charge due at the event.  Custom Additions are words or pictures that are not already on the design.  Please note that Custom Additions are limited and must be approved by Brush & Blush.

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