Future Ticket Details

How it Works:

Future Tickets are valid for any regular Easel Event or Kids Event on the Calendar. When purchased, you will receive a Ticket Coupon Code via email.

Then....you wait! And when an event comes up that you want to attend, no matter the price, you redeem your ticket for that event.

To redeem the Future Ticket, you will enter the Ticket Coupon Code online in the Coupon Code Box located on the Checkout page.

Future Tickets expire 90 days from the purchase date and are redeemable for our Calendar Easel Events and Kids Events only.

Click here to view redemption instructions for Future Tickets. 

Please review the instructions for redeeming your Future Ticket before submitting your reservation.  It is one ticket redeemed per reservation per order.  If you improperly redeem your Future Ticket, this could possibly jeopardize your reservation and your seat(s) may not be reserved.

*Exclusions: Future Tickets are NOT redeemable for Board Events, Block Events, Private Events, Fundraiser Events, or Special Events. Any Future Ticket redeemed for an excluded event cannot be processed, and this could possibly jeopardize your reservation and your seat(s) may not be reserved.  Coupon Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Future Tickets.

**Please be mindful that although there are no limits to the quantity of Future Tickets you can purchase, no more than 5 Future Tickets may be redeemed for the same event per person. Future tickets redeemed over the limit will be refunded automatically and your seats will not be reserved.

EXPIRATION:  Future Tickets are valid 90 days from date of purchase.  After the expiration date, Future Tickets become valid for face value purchase price only, $12.   

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