Your Van Gogh VIP membership includes priority seating for you and 1 guest for events you purchased as a VIP Van Gogh member.  

Below are the Seating Charts for our Venues.
Please make sure you have submitted your Priority Request Seating Form to us to ensure your reserved seats.  

Brush & Blush will maintain all Priority Seating Request Forms for use
n reserving Priority Seating for our VIP Van Gogh members.  

VIP Van Gogh members must submit 3 seating requests, as the assignment is
first order purchased, first reserved.  If you fail to submit your Priority Seating Request form,
we will be unable to reserve your seats.

 Van Gogh VIP

VIP Priority Venue Seating Charts

We are no longer accepting priority seating requests per event, which is why there is no longer a form on this page.  All VIPs have been sent an email for seating requests.  Please make sure you fill that out to receive your VIP priority seating reservations.

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