We are so excited for our new Brush & Blush Splatter Room!  Now you can literally throw paint around for come creative fun!  We will be hosting two types of Splatter Events: Project Splatter and Open Splatter!

Project Splatter

We will be hosting Project Splatters to create fun and wearable or usable art!  Options will include Aprons, t-Shirts, Tote Bags and more!  We will also be offering Stencil projects!

Open Splatter

This is basically open studio for the Splatter Room.  You will choose your canvas size or project item for this event.  Create by yourself or with a group.  Splatter is just plain fun!  



Choose Your
Splatter Event

We have two options for Splatter Events - Open Splatter or Project Splatter!  


Book Your
Time Slot

There are 4 spots available for each hour!  Book an individual spot, or book all 4 for a group!


Get Ready for Splatter Fun!

Sometimes it's just fun to get messy with paint -- and it's even more fun to not have to clean it up!  So get ready for some Creative Messy Fun!

We provide protective gear such as goggles and disposable coveralls for the Brush & Blush Splatter Room. We use water-based paints which are washable, but we highly recommend wearing clothes you don’t care about, just in case.


Also, when finished, you will have a wet canvas or project.  You can leave it in the Studio for drying and then pick up, or please plan for transporting your wet canvas or project. Your splatter-piece won’t be dry for at least 24 hours.

What to Expect!

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