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Brush & Blush Easel Events invites you to team up with us in taking advantage of this new trend. A Brush & Blush Easel Event can bring 20+ people into your bar on a slow night of the week to paint, eat, and drink.  Your empty, unused space is filled with not only a fun and creative event, but paying customers as well, at no charge to you. No mess!  No stress!  Your tables are protected and covered with our plastic tablecloths, and our paints are non-toxic, acrylic paints that are easy to clean up with soap and water. 



  • Our Easel Events take approximately two hours and usually start between 6:30 and 7:00 pm (times are flexible).

  • Our Easel Event team will arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to the event to set up and they will stay about the same to clean up.

  • Guests will purchase your food and beverage throughout the event. Some people will come early and some will stay late but all will be thirsty! Hungry too! 

  • Our customer base is 80% female.  Our Easel Event will expose them to a new venue, potentially creating a new and frequent customer for you.



  • Chairs and table space to support the number of registered artists for the Easel Event, which we would need cleared prior to our arrival for setup. 

  • Access to water, which will be used to fill the plastic cups that we provide for water cups.

  • Bright Lighting.  We ask that you turn the lights up during our Easel Event.

  • Music.  We do provide our own music on our portable speaker.


Ready to Start?  Great!!:

  • We prefer a start date four to six weeks out to properly promote the Easel Event. The more time, the bigger the crowd for the first event.

  • We would prefer that the venue host us on a regular basis, once a week, twice a month, or once a month - same time, same place.

  • It would be great if you can provide us with a write-up of your establishment so that we can add you to our Web site and Social Media pages.

For more information regarding how to add your fantastic venue to our Easel Event schedule, please submit the form below:

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