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COVID-19:  During the pandemic, we have placed a hold on the redemption of all Groupons.  We will resume redeeming Groupons when the State restrictions have been lifted completely and our Studio is able to fully open up at 100%.  At that time, we will address how to redeem all Groupons.


Groupon reservations cannot be transferred nor are they eligible for a coupon voucher if the reservation needs to be canceled. 
All Groupons vouchers must be submitted 24 hours before the chosen event.
Same-day Groupon vouchers will not be processed and your seat will not be reserved.
Groupons will not redeemed as walk-in for events.

Instructions for redeeming Groupons

Please take note that Groupons are a promotional ticket offer and are not valid with any other discount or coupon offer.  Groupons are not valid for sale events or kids events as the events are already discounted.  They are valid only toward our regularly priced $26 events.


Thank you for your Groupon purchase!

To make a reservation for any of our Easel Events, please read and follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

When selecting your event, please be mindful that Groupons will not be redeemed, nor will your seat be reserved, if submitted for the following events:

          Sale Events for $12

          Kids Events

          Private Events

          Special Events

          Fundraiser Events

          Board Events
          Future Tickets

Groupon Redemption Instructions:

Step 1

Add the event(s) to your cart and go to the Checkout Page.


The Checkout Page will look like the image below.  Confirm your quantity of tickets for each event.  Also make sure there are no sale events at $12 in the Subtotal column.


When you are ready to continue, click the "Checkout" button.

Step 2

This is the Payment Details Page.  On the left side where the arrow is, you will select the "Groupon Redemption" option.  Please read the guidelines on this option highlighted in the red box.

In the green box where "Order Comments" is, you will list your REDEMPTION CODE numbers here.  Make sure you list them all and that the same number of vouchers matches the number of events.  (dashes in numbers is okay.)

*numbers similar to LG-WJ5V-X72M-HCWH-KMNG or 1000-077848-790319 are not REDEMPTION CODES and will make your reservation invalid.


On the right side where the arrow is, you will either sign in or enter your email address.


Creating a password is optional, but once an account is created, it keeps track of your purchases.


Enter billing information, and then click the "Continue" button to continue.

Step 3

This is the order summary page.  Please confirm that all is correct before moving on. Click the "Place Order" button to confirm your redemption and reservation.

Step 4

This is your Confirmation.  This includes all the details of your Groupon redemption.  


That's it!  


 *Please be sure to print a copy of your confirmation as you may need to produce it at the event.  You can check the status of your reservation by creating an account.  When the reservation has been processed, the status will be changed to "PAID."  This will also show you whether the Groupon was submitted incorrectly, thus resulting in the reservation being cancelled.

(If there was a problem when processing your Groupon redemption, we will notify you via email.  Please be sure to add to your safe senders list to ensure that you do not miss any of our emails.)


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