Redeem Groupon

*All Groupons vouchers must be submitted 24 hours before the chosen event.
Same-day Groupon vouchers will not be processed and your seat will not be reserved.
Groupons will not redeemed as walk-in for events.

Our current Groupon deal is $16 for $25.  On April 16th, our Easel Event price was changed to $26.  So all Groupons purchased after April 15th will incur a $1.00 balance due at the time of event.

Groupons are not valid for sale events or kids events as the events are already discounted.  They are valid only toward our regularly priced $25 events.


Thank you for your Groupon purchase!

To make a reservation for any of our Easel Events, you will need to complete and submit the form below.  Please make sure to check our calendar to confirm that your chosen Easel Event is not Sold Out.   Also, do not forget to enter in the venue and/or title of the event, as there may be two events scheduled on the same day.

Groupons will not be redeemed, nor will your seat be reserved, if submitted for the following events:

          Sale Events for $12

          Kids Events

          Private Events

          Special Events

          Fundraiser Events 


Additionally, please make sure your chosen event is not sold out before your submission, as we will not redeem Groupons for Sold Out Easel Events


Once we receive your submitted Groupon voucher redemption form, we will send you your confirmation within 24-48 hours.  Please only submit your Groupon voucher form once.

Location of your
Groupon Voucher#

These are example numbers only. Please do not submit this number.  Your seat will not be reserved.



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